KAVA Marbella, Culinary reinvention daily

In Marbella We attend the changing proposal of KAVA, a place where wine and food are altered according to the creativity of chef Fernando Alcalá.

More Signature Cuisine for Marbella: KAVA, the restaurant where Fernando Alcalá, owner and cook, practises a free and author cuisine that is reborn every day to treat great products, which are paired with excellent wines. We Are faced with a conceptual space in which the quality of the raw materials is combined with the global technique every day. Fernando's constant development is printed in each of the points of the project. Through the gastronomy, sensations are conveyed to the diner, who can appreciate the chef's personal tastes.

The proposal is identified as a technical avant-garde mix with national flavors and proximity. It Is, in short, a cuisine that confers dynamism and diversity to Marbella, a city open to the arrival of new people and visions. But if something characterizes KAVA is its open letter, a repertoire composed mainly of ten dishes, which vary depending on the seasonal product and its availability in the market. Each tasting is done on the basis of three ingredients, the main, the secondary and the dressing. In The three elements there are sets of textures and essential compositions and always full of flavor.

Apart from the selection of dishes, we found a menu made up of four salted passes and a dessert. In These creations are given very successful and original mixes, such as that composed of eel, the vegetal flavor of the kohlrabi and the fried egg foam; The white prawn from the ground with original Taiwanese gazpacho and red kale or the matured duck with 5 Chinese spices, fermented plum sauce, pear puree and aubergine confit in goose fat. The Sweet moment is provided by the desserts, including a creamy cheesecake and the sophistication of the cherries in brine, with lyophilized cherry and intense chocolate mousse. An addictive dessert and, at the same time, aerial and light.

The Winery is a true reflection of Fernando's preferences and passion for the most excellent wines. The Letter collects both labels from their native land and nearby areas as international references from countries where they have had the chance to make landfall. It Complements the proposal of drinks the exotic and fun cocktail created by Héctor Henche, to highlight From Osaka to Jerez, a drink that represents the history of the trip of Umeshu from Osaka to Jerez. Henche proposes a very original cocktail with its Caipiroska of pear and rosemary, Russia and the Mediterranean in a sip.

The space has been decorated by the studio Marbella ASAP Creative Dispatch, Ana Saline and Pedro Ayora. The team has managed to capture a very clear stylistic concept in the two rooms, the elegant lounge with kitchen in sight and the refreshing terrace.