The pillbox, a BBQ in Nature

In Cadiz, on the slopes of Vejer de la Frontera, you will find the restaurant and barbecue box, an example of how with time and natural product you can create a sumptuous experience.

If we travel to the south of Spain and we enter the province of Cadiz we will come across a unique corner between the magnificence of La Janda and the slopes of the mountain of Vejer de la Frontera, there, in the fresh nature, is a pillbox. This Restaurant departs from the hustle and bustle of city life to surrender to the fire and keep the flame of traditional cuisine alive. It Is through the grill perfectly dominated by what Juan Valdés, Master Griller, is expressed to get the most flavor of a wide variety of cuts of fine beef, pork and sheep of various races.

From a time to this part, the great team after the pillbox tries to procure with its dishes, experiences cooked on the grill. With the heat of the fire they caress great raw materials that are perfumed with the aromas of the coal. Protein and also winery to narrate in the table the history of its own and the environment.

The brand of the house is given by the meats of delicate texture and concentrated flavor, two traits that manage to subject the subjects to a natural process of maturation, by which they pass each and every one of the great pieces that sleep in controlled conditions in the  Own restaurant cold room.

The meats are preceded by fresh creations such as cod salad confit in olive oil and onion vinaigrette; The floral and colorful smoked salmon and truffle salad; Exquisite piquillo peppers stuffed with monkfish; The goat cheese with mushrooms or the simple but effective scrambled cod.

In Meats, there is no unanimity as to the best. The grilled veal loin ' La Janda ' is a central part of the red pepper sirloin, the Galician blonde cow loin or the Galician brown ox. As for the lamb, the carnivorous feast should include the lamb's paw roasted Aranda grilled for long hours, as well as the fat and irresistible sweetbreads. The mastery of the offal's cooking Is repeated with a purely classical dish: the kidneys to Oporto, which accompany with long rice.

Juan's arts are complemented with the dessert menu: Millefeuille with cream and fig puree-a crisp puff pastry that with his sweet notes cleans the palate of the meat and smoked souvenir-a typical cheesecake and raspberry or that filigree in sweet that is the date of Israel L, fruit that fills with refreshing lemon ice cream with tangerine ice cream comb.