Lavinia, wine and gourmet flavors in the center of Madrid

In the district of Salamanca, one of the most refined in the capital, is the wine bar and restaurant Lavinia. A refuge for people of great Palate and sensibility.

Lavinia is known for being one of the must-see places in Madrid for those who love wine and first-class products. Its gastronomic offer is structured around the menu of the Bistro and the tapas-based pecking. Great Wines and snacks to eat both in its pleasant interior and on the terrace, located in the privileged street of Ortega y Gasset, in full mile of gold and among luxury firms.

The space is picked up and relaxed, in it floats a select and chic atmosphere, in which flows a great variety of wines accompanied by a gastronomic offer to the height. Lavinia is the largest wine bar in the country, with more than 4,000 references of wines from Spain and from all over the world. The gastronomic proposal, on the other hand, bets strong for the eternal and always successful products, like the Iberian ham of Acorn, the Cecina of ox with fried almonds or the vitello tonnato in the style Lavinia. Classics of Spanish tapas are reinterpreted to give them a light point of sophistication, as is the case with the Russian salad with macerated red tuna, the Lavinia calluses, the creamy prawn croquettes or the truffle tortilla and tubers.

The Exterior terrace is glazed and protected by a red wine structure, the same tone that prevails in the warm and cosy interior. The room is illuminated by lamps made in champagne bottles that provide different light intensities. And there, in that special place, there are large sea dishes, such as bluefin tuna with tomato and capers, bonito tuna with piperade Thai or roasted hake with green beans and sage. In the dishes of the Earth, stands the Iberian dam laminated with sautéed mangetout and Galician beef tenderloin with potatoes straw and micro sprouts.

The Lightweight Tapas menu consists of striking preparations, such as the intense and tasty pizza of white butifarra with rosemary, a crisp, warm and comforting dish, ideal to take with a glass of Rioja or the curious and exotic coca of Octopus, which is served with a tribute to The Canarian Mojos-in this case, of dry tomato-and tapenade, the typical untable of Provence based on crushed black olives with capers, anchovies, aromatic herbs and olive oil. One of the infallible formulas for the appetizer is the caviar of national origin accompanied by blinis and paired with a selection of drinks chosen by the staff of Lavinia, with this option, it is reached an exact mixture of flavors and a pleasant gastronomic moment.

And so, between wines and tasty preparations, we come to the chapter of the desserts, which can be in tables of cheese of different quantities and varieties up to candies with fruit base, like the cherries of the Jerte with white chocolate foam and a subtle cloud of coconut , the panna cotta of passion fruit or strawberry with port and crème fraîche.