Messina: Italy, Argentina and Andalusia united by Creative Cuisine

With the Mediterranean as the axis, Mauricio Giovanini and Pia Ninci develop in Marbella a project that combines lands and gastronomies disparate among themselves.

In the north-east of Sicily, about 90 km from Catania, you will find the city of Messina, in the homonymous province. The City, protagonist of numerous conquests and reconquests, struggles and earthquakes resulting from the zone of high seismic activity on which it sits, is an example of tenacity and resurgence. The Messinesi are a people who, by force, have had to learn to rebuild and reroute their future. A town that belonged to the grandparents of Mauricio Giovanni, chef and owner of the Messina restaurant in Marbella with his wife Pia Ninci, sommelier and director of the Sala.

Of the resilience and the mixture of cultures and identities that make the island of Sicily beat, the germ of the cuisine of Messina sprouts, a tasty work, fruit of the process of maturation and meditation. The chef, native of Cordoba, Argentina, is inspired by the Spanish Cookbook, as well as in the South American and Oriental to develop a unique style, full of luminous flashes achieved without having to resort to effects and tricks. The satisfactory proposal of this Argentine part of the best local product, with punctual concessions to import matters of extreme quality. There is nonconformity, there is risk in their plates, plates in which one reads a trajectory that tries to flee of the marked paths, having to assume in certain occasions, the dangers of the audacity. His culinary Audacity is balanced by the sense of technique and the daily effort that led him to receive his first Michelin star in 2016.

Freedom and evolution are the premises of Messina, two ideas embodied in each of the steps of its tasting menu, a gastronomic experience composed of small snacks that touch the concept of art. The choreography orchestrated by Giovanini begins with a nod to the motherland of their ancestors, Caprese cheese, followed by the creamy Choco and pickle cucumber and the first dive in the sea, a hedgehog mi cuit and with water celery root. After Two more starters, the spider crab arrives. The Crustacean is presented in two parts, in the first preparation, American sauce based on a good background of fish with nuances of brandy and shellfish; The second is an exotic coconut soup that reminds slightly of a trip to Thailand. The genetic Italoargentina appears again in the Garganelli cooked in mirepoix juice with eggplant entomatada and goat cheese, in this dish of pasta originating in the region of Emilia-Romagna is perfectly appreciated how Cordoba knows how to unite gastronomies Geographically remote.

The good work done in the kitchen of the restaurant Marbella is complemented with a sober room in which the proximity to the diner prevails and a more than correct treatment. The team led by Pia Ninci is essential for wines and delicacies to be brought closer to the clientele with the efficacy and knowledge that only those who truly love the restoration arts can reach.

The Final Snap to the menu is composed of a trio of desserts that tell us about Latin America: the refreshing caramelized pineapple sorbet with red pepper and a Peruvian pisco sour, the apple ice cream roasted with sabayon of odorous and drunk-Jerez and Huelva present!-or a Dessert only suitable for fans of the most intense sweet, the creamy chocolate and Malibu with sweet milk and peanut.