Veggie Lasagna

If you were unhooked from the lasagna for heavy, you can fall back into temptation. This Light Vegetable Lasagna has less than 200 calories.

    1 pack of precooked lasagna sheets
    3 carrots
    1 zucchini
    1 Eggplant
    200 g Mushroom
    200 g spinach
    100 g grated cheese
    Olive Oil and salt
    200 g fried tomato
    400 ml of skimmed milk
    30 g flour

Traditional Version: 535 kcal | Light Version: 335 kcal

If you like lasagna but you have given up on it because it is very heavy, don't miss our vegetable lasagna light. A version with 200 calories less than a lifetime.

To achieve this, we have dispensed of the meat and potato from the traditional lasagna. Instead, we only put vegetables and mushrooms, which are very satiating. And for the sauce, we have opted for skimmed milk, in addition to reducing the flour and oil to the minimum expression.

Result: A recipe 100% guilt-free and 100% vegetarian, which also be very light, is Requeteriquísima!
How to make vegetable lasagna light step by step

Prepare the sauce. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil, add 30 g of flour and tuéstala. Pour the skimmed milk into a thread, stirring until thickened, and season.
    Cook the spinach. Wash the spinach and cuécelas the steam for a few minutes. Mix them with a part of the sauce, and reserve.
    Fry vegetables. Clean and wash carrots, zucchini, eggplant and mushrooms. Fry with an oil thread the first two. Then Add the eggplant and mushrooms. Stir about 6 minutes or so, season to taste, and mix with the fried tomato sauce.
    To Mount the lasagna. Cook Pasta following package instructions. On a bed of spinach with a sauce, it rides the lasagna alternating layers of pasta and vegetables with tomato sauce. Cover with the remaining sauce, sprinkle with the cheese, and cook about 20 minutes in the preheated oven at 170 º.