ENA by Carles Abellán, a Restaurant with Catalan-Andalusian connection

Carles Abellán joins in his restaurant of the hotel Alfonso XIII of Seville the Catalan cuisine, the Andalusian and his own. A mixed proposal in which dishes from one region and another, and the best in their harvest, meet in perfect harmony.

The Cook who arrived in elBulli for fifteen days and stayed fifteen years, knows what is done when he joins in a gastronomic proposal, the ENA restaurant of the luxurious hotel Alfonso XIII of Seville, a kitchen that connects Catalonia with Andalusia.

Because Carles Abellán's ambition on the terrace of the most luxurious hotel in the world in the first half of the TWENTIETH century is no longer a reflection of his own identity, forged as the son of Catalan father and Andalusian mother. Connoisseur of Catalan cuisine, cultivated since he was a child, and Andalusian, recognized through his mother and his experience with Ferran Adrià in the launching of the ephemeral Hacienda of Benazuza, in the Seville town of Sanlúcar la Mayor.

The First contact with this gastronomic space begins with a solid Catalan base: the PA amb tomàquet. On slices of white bread or espadrille with tomato, the diner can accommodate shoulder of acorn-fed Iberian Jabugo, Cecina de León, an assortment of Chacina, Vic's sausage or Payoyo cheese in lard.

After the heat, it is time to get more serious with soups and cream, a salmorejo and a cream of porcini, and especially with tapas, the heart of the courageous proposal of Catalan in a land so given to the tapas. It Is A Russian salad with bonito tuna, a cod fritters with tomato alegre, some eggs starred with ham or "our Bravas", the classic tapa style of the Abellán.

That's all? No way. To the succulent offer to tapas, those who come called by the hand of the chef in this restaurant can leave happy with a full tasting of their cuisine. Because the letter of ENA by Carles Abellán Reserves ample space for its best dishes. The famous Iberian ham bikini, fresh mozzarella and truffle from the award-winning Commerce 24; That Xató salad, with cod, smoked sardines, Kalamata olives and romesco sauce; The Roman calamari of saffron, so exquisite; "Our Mc Foie", that ox burger with foie gras ganaché; or chicken & chips with mustard mayonnaise.

If there is still a hole in the stomach, the feast could include one of the three "cuchareo" dishes, the capuchin rice, the noodles to the casserole and the blind rice, or one of the desserts. Chocolate with bread, oil and salt; Uncle Nelo's fritters; The osmotic fruit salad, called Cru Fruit; or the cheese Payoyo cured with tomato compote with vanilla.